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This includes Advocate Sherman Hospital in Elgin, Ill., a Chicago Tribune news article reported on June 11.
Courtney Buss, RN, who works at Advocate Sherman, researched and recorded the benefits of vernix in newborns.
“Her research looked at Advocate Sherman Hospital births for one month during 2015, evaluating how many full-term, healthy babies had hypothermia and hypoglycemia as a baseline. Buss also looked at breastfeeding rates,” the article stated.
“Sherman’s Family Birthing Center rolled out a policy in February 2016 where nurses waited about 14 hours to give full-term, healthy newborns a bath,” Buss said in the article. “Any blood is wiped off but, a sponge bath is delayed.”
The article said rates for babies with hypothermia decreased from 29 to 14 percent in babies whose bathing was delayed, and breastfeeding rates increased from 51 to 71 percent.