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Nurses must play detective to diagnose Lyme disease – Alabama Nursing Board Defense Lawyer – Call Today! – (866) 348-2889

These investigative skills are among the best assets of healthcare professionals, many of whom will be faced with a new wave of infections this year.
“Ticks carry a lot of infections, not just Lyme disease,” said Ruth Kriz, MSN, APRN, a Washington, D.C.-based nurse practitioner who has studied the effects on tick-borne infections for 30 years.
According to a 2015 report from the Centers for Disease Control, 95% of confirmed Lyme disease cases were reported from only 14 states. The main geographic territory ranges from Maine to Virginia along the East Coast and the upper Midwest states of Wisconsin and Minnesota.
The migration patterns of many ticks is expanding, according to a long-term study published in 2015 by University of Indiana biology professor Keith Clay. That means clinicians outside those 14 states are likely to see an increase in patient concerns.