Lawyer for Alabama Nursing Board Hearing – Call today to discuss your case – Obama administration requests emergency funding for Ebola response efforts – (866) 348-2889

The Obama administration announced it is seeking $6.18 billion through an emergency funding request to Congress to enhance its efforts to address the Ebola virus outbreak. The funding request includes $4.64 billion for immediate response initiatives and $1.54 billion for a contingency fund, according to a news release.

“The $4.64 billion in immediate response funds is designed to fortify domestic public health systems, contain and mitigate the epidemic in West Africa, speed the procurement and testing of vaccines and therapeutics, and strengthen global health security by reducing risks to Americans by enhancing capacity for vulnerable countries to prevent disease outbreaks, detect them early and swiftly respond before they become epidemics that threaten our national security,” according to the release.

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