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As nurses, we know the possible perils involved with patients’ use of concomitant medications. Many of us frequently see patients with comorbid conditions whose daily medication regimens include several prescription drugs. We stay alert to potential drug-drug interactions and adverse events in these and other patients who take more than one medication at a time.

We’re also aware that many patients with comorbid conditions who take concomitant medications consume nonprescription drugs, as well. We realize it’s common, for example, for a patient being treated with prescription medications for, say, CVD and arthritis to turn to an OTC analgesic for minor muscle pain or headache relief. Unfortunately, however, when considering the effects of co-medications, we don’t always take OTC drugs into account. We may not recognize, then, that a patient’s use of certain OTC drugs concomitantly with prescription medications might exacerbate their health risks.