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Another shift done, Sara stumbled into her apartment. Catatonic, she sat in her kitchen, tired of her job, sick of her boss and unhappy with her career. She felt alone.
Then the phone rang. An upbeat, energetic voice filled the room. The call was from Mandy, a newly discovered colleague, who wanted to know if Sara wanted to accompany her to an informational seminar at a local university that had just started a new graduate degree program in their shared specialty. Mandy was so contagiously excited over this program that Sara couldn’t say no. As Mandy lifted Sara out of her funk, she exemplified why every nurse needs a well-developed network.
Networks can pull us up out of ourselves. They represent endless possibilities. If well chosen, the people in our networks light up our careers with countless career options like constellations in the sky. And like stars in the sky, the darker the background, the brighter the possibilities.