Have you been accused of taking or improperly administering controlled medication or  If so, visit our website or call us today.  We can help.There are varying degrees of alcohol or drug dependency or addiction when speaking in terms of an administrative procedure related to a professional license in Alabama.  If you have been suspected of using or abusing prescription medication or illegal drugs, you could be looking at serious penalties related to your professional nursing license in Alabama.  We can help as it relates to the charges or the allegations against you.

Many nurses in Alabama have various unanswered questions related to a possible settlement offer via proposed consent order that was provided to them and their options related to the same.  We can help and discuss your options with you related to settlement or a hearing in your case.  Your Alabama nursing license hearing options will depend on the facts of your case and how far along your case has progressed.  However, it is always best for you to be well informed and have all of your questions answered before deciding whether to settle your case or proceed to a hearing