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A supplement article published online Sept. 1 in Pediatrics presented a summary of a series of studies that explain longitudinal associations between early feeding and subsequent outcomes, including physical and psychosocial outcomes. The articles are based new data available from a follow-up study of children at age 6 years who were previously included in the longitudinal Infant Feeding Practices Study II.

“Because of the depth of detail they provide, the IFPS II and its year six follow-up present a unique opportunity to examine the association of infant feeding with later health outcomes and behaviors,” the authors stated in the supplement article. “By following infants almost monthly from the third trimester of pregnancy to the age of 12 months, the IFPS II provides detailed information on changes in infant feeding that cannot be accurately captured through retrospective recall. The mothers of these infants were recontacted six years later to provide information on diet, health, and developmental outcomes.”

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