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A prevalent predictor that adolescents may use Ecstasy is that they have used other drugs, according to a study published in the journal Substance Use & Misuse by researchers affiliated with New York University’s Center for Drug Use and HIV Research.

Ecstasy — aka “Molly,” Mandy,” “E,” “X” and its chemical abbreviation MDMA -— is an illicit drug that is commonly taken at nightclubs and dance parties, although use is not limited to social scenes. “We found that roughly 4.4% of high school seniors reported use of Ecstasy within the last year, with males being at particularly high risk for use,” Joseph J. Palamar, PhD, MPH, a CDUHR-affiliated researcher and an assistant professor of population health at NYU Langone Medical Center, said in a news release. “We delineated many important sociodemographic risk factors, but the most consistent and important risk factor we found is use of other drugs.”

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