If You’ve Been Accused of a Crime…

Remember these two rights you’ve heard on a million cop shows:

1. You have the right to remain silent.
2. You have the right to have an attorney present during questioning.

Even if you haven’t been arrested and formally charged, a lawyer can explain your options, discuss likely outcomes and help protect your interests.

You need to obtain legal council as early in the process as possible. As a licensed health care professional, any arrest or conviction can have consequences and impact your nursing license status. The Alabama Nursing Board requires that you disclose negative information (about behavior and criminal offenses) when you renew your license. The best remedy is an aggressive legal defense right from the start.

This includes traffic offenses (DWI, DUI), drug offenses, and even misdemeanors. In Alabama, only arrests that do not result in convictions (or arrests that end with you being cleared) can be removed from your record.

I don’t know if I can afford a lawyer.

Because criminal charges have real implications on your nursing career, you cannot afford to ignore legal issues. In the midst of a stressful day, it may seem that nursing is more of a chore than a privilege, but the fact is that a nursing license is a ticket to employment and respect. You’ve earned it and are financially bound to it. Losing your license immediately restricts your ability to get and keep a job – it’s worth defending. A conviction will remain on your record. In Alabama, the only way to recover may be a pardon that specifically states you are allowed to resume health care activities. Do not be misled and think that a conviction unrelated to direct patient care will not affect your license. You need the services of an experienced attorney to protect your interests and advise you.

What if I haven’t been accused, but have knowledge of an infraction?

In addition, our Alabama accident attorneys are members of the Alabama Association for Justice. This is a group of Alabama attorneys that come together many times per year in order to learn about personal injury and car accident lawsuits in Alabama. The organization has many events per year all over the state providing highly specialized and technical training in the area of car accident and personal injury litigation in Alabama. In addition, our attorneys receive publications provided by this organization that keep us up to date on all changes in the law in Alabama related to personal injuries and car accidents.

What if I haven’t been accused, but have knowledge of an infraction?

You may be required to report to the Alabama Board of Nursing any knowledge or suspicion of an offense, even if it hasn’t resulted in criminal or civil charges. You should consult with an attorney to find out the possible consequences. The Alabama Board of Nursing Administrative Code (610-X-6) outlines your responsibilities and includes mandatory reporting provisions for the following (and others):

  • Impaired behavior
  • Medication mistakes that injure or kill patients
  • False charting
  • Failure of a drug screen or refusal to submit to a drug test
  • Improper scope of practice – working above your license level
  • Falsifying employment records
  • Patient abuse or abandonment

The failure to report can be construed as an infraction in its own right. Only an attorney schooled in the law can advise you properly. The Alabama Board of Nursing takes its charge to protect the citizens of Alabama seriously. Do not let a mistaken belief about the law explode into a career-ending incident. You need an advocate to navigate in these treacherous waters.Our attorneys at Kreps Law Firm, LLC stand ready, willing, and able to help you and defend your Alabama Board of Nursing matter and your criminal charges, if any have been filed. You should not attempt to navigate the administrative hearing process without an attorney. Our initial consultation is confidential and free. Don’t wait! Call us today to discuss your Alabama Board of Nursing matter (866) 348-2889.