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If you have been charged with a crime or have received a letter from the Alabama Board of Nursing concerning potential disciplinary action against your license, you need to hire an attorney immediately. You may unknowingly say or do things that could have a detrimental impact on your ability to continue in the nursing profession. Whether you are accused of a violation of the Alabama Nurse Practice Act, the drug laws of the State of Alabama, possible impairment, theft or any other violations, call Kreps Law Firm today at (866) 348-2289. We can help you through this difficult time.

We will review your case whether your injuries are permanent, temporary, or life threatening. We have experience dealing with insurance companies and insurance adjusters and will fight to get you the compensation you deserve or file a lawsuit and litigate the issues of liability or extent of your injuries.

The Alabama Center for Nursing

To address the issue of nursing shortages in Alabama, the Alabama Board of Nursing created the ACN as a division under the authority of and funded by the Board. The ACN tracks trends in nursing availability and predicted needs for nurses at all levels. For instance, their research has shown that nurses currently in their 40s or 50s will be retiring just as the need for skilled nurses balloons because of the aging baby boomer population. Nationally, the expectation is a nursing shortage on the order of 400 to 800 thousand nursing positions vacant.

Our attorneys at Kreps Law Firm, LLC stand ready, willing, and able to help you and defend your Alabama Board of Nursing matter and your criminal charges, if any have been filed. You should not attempt to navigate the administrative hearing process without an attorney. Our initial consultation is confidential and free. Don’t wait! Call us today to discuss your Alabama Board of Nursing matter (866) 348-2889.

Brief History of the Alabama Board of Nursing

Nurses tend to think of the Alabama Board of Nursing solely in terms of licensing, when a license is first obtained or when it’s renewed. It accepts applications and fees and issues wallet cards. But the Nursing Board is charged with much more than this.Nursing as a profession in Alabama came by way of migration from other states. In 1888, nurses trained in Philadelphia came to work in Birmingham and nursing as a formal discipline grew from there. It wasn’t until almost 30 years later that Alabama created a state regulatory board designed to protect the public from unqualified persons claiming the title.

As the practice of nursing has evolved over the years, the board has changed its membership to reflect emerging concerns. With the addition of 6 new positions in 1998, the board now consists of 13 members, including a consumer board member, two advanced practice nurses, and three members focused on nursing administration.Some of the lesser known responsibilities of the Alabama Board of Nursing are governing and regulating the practice of nursing – often by way of special rulings on scope of practice or educational requirements. These rulings, called Declaratory Rulings, clarify and provide guidance on specific nursing issues and circumstances.The Board also proposes new regulations in nursing, collects statistics and interacts with other government regulatory agencies, sets standards for training and certifies nursing programs. They approve Continuing Education and administer several nursing scholarships. The Board also handles complaints about nurses.

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The Alabama Board of Nursing also conducts research on topics related to nursing competence at both entry level and in advanced practice. They use targeted research to provide a logical basis for evaluation of existing programs and to discover where they may more effectively govern the practice of nursing in Alabama.